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With a team straight out of Cape Town, Airush make some of the best Kitesurfing Kites on the market. Airush's goal has always been to produce the best, simplest, most durable lines at the cutting edge of shape or technology, whether for the recreational customer or a kiting fanatics. Taken on by S2AS back in 2002 and still to this day they are in our Top 5 Kite Brands. The kites and kiteboards they produce are exceptional. If you’re looking for a good Kitesurfing Kite at a bargain price, you’re in the right place!
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The Airush Kiteboarding Collection fuses a passion for innovation with the demands of the most discerning riders. Their focus remains on creating the perfect kiteboarding experience through testing and innovative technical design, while always maintaining our demand for the highest level of craftsmanship.

Airush set out to innovate at every level and align and conspire with customers.

In line with their brand mantra, their approach towards technology is different from most other kiting companies, because central to everything they do is their desire to innovate. This is what keeps them testing, retesting, criticizing, questioning everything, constantly trying to prove their self-worth, redoing, discarding, and doing it over again until finally, they have a product to present to you, the rider.

Airsush's commitment to kitesurfing and the kitersurfer community is why they continue to be on of our best kite brands here at S2AS!